Internet Turns Story About Drunk Girl Stealing $2000 From Guy At Bar Into The Perfect Lesson On Rape Culture (20 Pics)

You never know what’s going to happen when you go to the bar, someone could spill their drink on you, you could make new friends or you could have $2000 stolen from your account. A bar patron gained unintentional internet fame after a drunk woman stole the large sum of money from his Venmo account.

This bar employee kept receiving calls from a man  who had been scammed by a drunk woman at their establishment

Facebook group Bitch Code picked up the story, and commenters quickly realized it was the perfect lesson on rape culture

This story is now being used to teach a very important lesson on how to treat those who have been taken advantage of

So far over 47,000 people on Facebook have shared the satirical comparison and while a lot of jokes have been made the statement behind them is a powerful one. The bar got this man his money back due to good faith in his word, however as we have seen time and time again, even with sound evidence, women continue to be mistrusted about rape allegations.
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