Illegal immigrant who fired on deputy had four different ICE detainers, criminal history (graphic video)

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office has posted to YouTube a deputy’s bodycam video of the fatal shooting of Javier Hernandez Morales, an illegal immigrant with four ICE detainers who opened fire on a sheriff’s deputy who had approached his car.
Here’s the video (warning: graphic):

[Deputy Riley Jarecki] knocks on the front, driver’s side window.
“Roll it down,” Jarecki said.
Hernandez Morales hesitates, murmurs something to himself, and rolls down the window. In Spanish, Hernandez Morales asks, “What’s up?”
He points a gun at her and fires at least once. Jarecki radios that shots have been fired as the car’s rear lights flash. The ignition turns over and Jarecki, who appears to have retreated to the passenger side of the vehicle, fires numerous rounds toward the driver’s seat.
ABC 7 reports that Morales, a Mexican national, had a criminal history including weapons violations, a DUI, and an assault on a peace officer. He was also wanted by ICE.
ICE confirms deceased suspect in Napa shooting, Javier Hernandez-Morales was a Mexican national. He had been previously removed three times prior to 2011," says ICE, which issued 4 separate detainers.
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Of course the ICE detainers weren’t honored; California is officially a sanctuary state, signed into law by former Gov. Jerry Brown.
Let’s see how many Democrat presidential candidates run on a platform of abolishing ICE — the Democratic Socialists are all for it, as well as abolishing prisons and borders. 
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