A real cliff-hanger! Repair work starts on Anthony Hopkins' $5m Malibu mansion that is just feet away from falling off a CLIFF after torrential downpours caused precipice to erode

Repair work is underway on Anthony Hopkins' Malibu mansion which is dangerously close to falling off a cliff - months after it was miraculously untouched by wildfires that ripped through the state.
The Welsh actor's $5million beach home was still standing following the deadly fires which burnt his neighbor's property to its foundations. 

But as of Thursday there was blue tarpaulin, netting and scaffolding on the Silence of The Lambs actor's house - suggesting repair work is being carried out on minor damage sustained in the fire. 

But greenery on the cliff edge was torched during the Woolsey fires, leaving the soil exposed, and torrential downpours - the most severe in 40 years - have since turned the land to mud, causing the cliff to erode away.  
Hopkin's $5million red tiled, white mansion is dangerously close to falling off a cliff edge just months after the home miraculously escaped the wildfires seemingly unscathed
The cliff edge has now turned to mud and is eroding away as the state experiences its wettest season in 40 years. The home to the right of Hopkin's property burned to the ground in the fire, pictured above under reconstruction 

As of Thursday there was blue tarpaulin and scaffolding on parts of the house suggesting it was under repair likely from minor damage sustained in the fire 
An aerial view shows how the homes in the lavish Malibu neighborhood barely escaped the fire which burned its way through most of the cliff face
His beach front property was still standing following the fire but parts seemed to be under construction as of Thursday 

The Welshman's home now stands dangerously close to the edge as the precipice falls away.
The images show work is also underway to restore the home of the 81-year-old star's neighbor.

Mudslides have rocked the LA area following record rainfall in the area after the wildfires. 
The 81-year-old Welsh actor purchased the beach house in 2001 for $4.9million
It miraculously was untouched by the blaze which burnt his neighbor's home to the ground in November as wildfires mercilessly tore through the state
The surrounding hills were blooming in 2001 when the Silence of the Lambs actor purchased the home. His neighbor's all-white, modern mansion (right) stood firm 18 years ago

Fierce wintry storms have wreaked destruction across California, triggering widespread flooding and unleashing a mudslides that have torn homes apart.  
Meanwhile, work has started to restore the homes of A-listers such as Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Kim Basinger, Robin Thicke, and Camille Grammer - whose mansions and beach huts were scorched in the blaze in November.
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