AOC compares impact of climate change to 9/11: Democrat questions why government went to war after the attack on the Twin Towers but did little after Hurricane Maria, despite 3,000 being killed in each

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is amping up her rhetoric addressing climate change
  • She spoke in a 'All In' televised town hall meeting at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx on Friday with MSNBC host Chris Hayes
  • She compared the government's urgent response to war and conflict to its slow approach to natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017
  • AOC said the U.S. went to war and speedily responded when thousands of lives were lost in 9/11, but didn't react as urgently to the 3,000 dead in Puerto Rico  
  • 'Where is our response?' she asked as the crowd roared with applause
  • She also defended her Green New Deal initiative saying 'we have to mobilize our entire economy around saving ourselves and taking care of this planet'

AOC: After 9/11, we went to war "against one and then two countries." 3,000 people died in Hurricane Maria -- "where is our response"?

That was one of Ocasio-Cortez’s comments that drew a lot of head scratching, not to mention snark and rolling eyes:

If President Trump unilaterally declared war against the weather, would AOC sound the constitutional alarm?
And how many died at Pearl Harbor?? 2400?? And we dropped an A-bomb them? What are we doing? Mother Nature must go down!!

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I’m not sure if invading the hurricanes is the right course of action at this point.

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The science is settled!

Insert Woody Woodpecker laugh here.
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