THERE it is! House Dems set sights on Robert Mueller (as MANY predicted)

When it started becoming clear that the Mueller report wasn’t going to serve as a rubber stamp of confirmation on the Democrats’ 2016 narrative, many envisioned the Left turning on the special counsel:
Democrats will never accept the results of the Mueller investigation just like they never accepted the results of the 2016 presidential election.

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How long will it take before Democrats start accusing Mueller of colluding with Republicans?

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Currently watching a CNN crew confront Mueller in his driveway, asking him if he's a Russian agent.

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Now watch the Dems that said “TRUST Mueller” turn on Specical Counsel Robert Mueller.

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Anti-Trump House Democrats like Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff are nothing if not totally predictable:
Jerry Nadler tonight: "If the Justice Department doesn't release the whole report or tries to keep parts of it secret, we will certainly subpoena the parts of the report and we will reserve the right to call Mueller to testify before the committee or to subpoena him."
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House Judiciary Cmte. Chairman Nadler on Mueller report: "If it is not made public in its entirety...we'll subpoena the report and if necessary we reserve the right to call Mueller before the committee or maybe even Barr before the committee" 
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Anybody surprised?

Stay tuned!
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