WAKE UP! Dana Loesch stomps a mudhole in TX GOP’s a*s for ‘snoozing at the wheel’ in BRUTALLY honest thread

When Beto O’Rourke made Republicans sweat a little by giving Ted Cruz an actual run for his money in Texas last year that SHOULD have been a wakeup call for the GOP. In this political atmosphere, Republicans simply cannot take Texas for granted because Democrats are seriously coming after the ‘Friendship State’. Imagine their excitement at ‘taking’ Texas away from the Right? Talk about the ultimate DUNK.
The GOP has gotta get their poop in a group.
Dana Loesch wrote a pretty brutal thread about what is happening in Texas that we hope will wake these people up!
Hearing from numerous folks in different counties that they’re being out-organized by out-state funded progressive groups while the Texas GOP snoozes at the wheel. Many city council and other races. The feeling is that the state party isn’t taking it seriously.

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Think about the millions and millions of dollars from out of state that Beto raised.
This is exactly how Cruz came so close to Beto last election. The ground organization effort is a disaster and I’ve spoken to a handful of veteran grassroots organizers who say they feel left out on their own to battle well-funded astroturfed efforts. No data sharing, nothing.

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The party will ignore this at their own political peril and it won’t become evident until they have their backsides handed to them in 2020 and GOP lose any competitive change to regain the WH again. @TexasGOP needs to wake up and wake up fast. I’ll discuss on tomorrow.

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See what we mean?
They did this in Colorado and in Nevada. Those who think it can’t and won’t happen (without strong counter organizing) in Texas are clueless and haven’t seen what’s been happening on the ground level — and in the most conservative districts.
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Democrats are going to be relentless with their message and their strategy, especially in Texas.
One veteran grassroots organizer I spoke with tonight railed at how the state party is ignoring city council races. Texas is on the verge of losing total control. If Texas goes, goodbye any competitive chance of GOP getting the WH.
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If Texas goes blue the Republican Party may not recover.
Scary but absolutely true.
Wendy Davis and Beto were nothing more than GOTV vehicles to further seed certain Texas districts blue. They weren’t run to win, they were used as cash cows and for data building.
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Democrats see these smaller elections as ‘battles’ so they can ultimately win the war. It sounds dramatic, maybe even a little paranoid, but it’s the reality of what the Left is willing to do in order to get the power BACK.
Can't begin to tell you how true this is. Benn in Austin for 50 years. It has always been liberals, but the changes and the mayoral and city council over the last 10 years has been incredible. And they are all being voted back in, in landslides.
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Granted, Austin is … well, Austin. But this is still indicative of what is happening on the ground there.
3 things that scare me about TX. 1)I’ve had a few discussions on Twitter w other Texans about the indifference the GOP showed for cons dying to help out on the ground. People seeking out their local republican HQs & being told they didn’t really need any volunteers. Um. What?
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Umm what and YIKES.
And we're being flooded with exCals. Running from California.....yet intent on turning Texas into California
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That’s exactly what happened in Colorado.
Republicans in all 50 states need to be organizing right now. We need people to sign up to be poll watchers and be willing to speak
up if someone is violating voting laws.
We need leadership to step it up. Do not take it for granted that Republicans will win.
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