‘Yeah, umm … that’s ILLEGAL, Tariq.’ Just how stupid is Tariq Nasheed? This stupid

Maybe Tariq Nasheed was feeling left out in all of the crazy we’re seeing on Twitter between the Mueller report and the bizarre circumstances around the Jussie Smollett case. Or maybe he’s just a Twitter troll looking for attention …
In what world does this tweet even begin to make sense?
People are talking about the strict new laws in Brunei that are punishable by death....

Let’s not forget here in the United States that it’s legal for a white person to kill a Black person simply for being Black

510 people are talking about this
That’s called murder, Tariq, and yeah, it’s illegal regardless of what color the victim is.
Anyone else feel like they’re taking crazy pills?
Some people say "we need to have a real discussion about race." Others make shit up to fan the flames of racism as a means to sell more of whatever they sell.
I thought the @TheEconomist lumping @benshapiro in with the was the stupidest thing I was going to see all day.

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You’re welcome.

Holy crap.
You can’t be this dense. Dred Scott vs Sanford happened in 1857, over 150 years ago. Not to mention is was superseded Amendments 13, 14, 15 & the Civil Rights Act of 1866. But the truth doesn’t fit your ridiculous assertion does it?
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Next, he’ll tell us how the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
One where the famous gay, black actor fakes it? That sort of hate crime?

Too late.
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