‘You just hate Trump’: Lindsey Graham brings the FIRE for those trying to use his McCain friendship to slam Trump

During an appearance on CNN, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham slammed the media for using his friendship with the late John McCain as an attempt to wedge him against President Trump.

Lindsey Graham calls out the media: "To all those people who bring up this narrative, you just hate Trump. You don’t really care about McCain & me. ... This is a game. You’re not offended about me & McCain, you’re trying to use me to get to Trump. I’m not playing that game."

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Wait, it’s possible for two elected officials to have differing opinions about another (now deceased) elected official?
No way.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "It's okay for John McCain and Donald Trump to disagree. It's not okay, in my view, for the president to to go after John McCain personally. I've said that a thousand times. But the bottom line here is I'm going to help President Trump."

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He says the people who try to use his friendship with McCain to slam Trump hate the president.
Lindsey Graham says people angry over Trump’s McCain attacks "don’t really care:" "You just hate Trump" https://trib.al/JzJMzPm 
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This Lindsey Graham is the best Lindsey Graham.
The media are particularly desperate to slam Trump this week, but they should probably stay away from Graham’s friendship with McCain in their attempts.

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