Christian university students try to nix conservative speaker’s talk on gender, marriage because it’s ‘hate speech.’ School says not so fast.

Christian conservative speaker and blogger Matt Walsh is under fire from some students at Baylor University — students who don't want him to spread his Christian views on the Christian college campus.

The students in question have even gone as far as kickstarting a petition to stop Walsh from spreading "hate speech" while visiting the school for a scheduled appearance, but it doesn't look like their efforts will amount to much.

What are the details?

Walsh is expected to deliver a speech at the Waco, Texas, university on gender and marriage from a biblical, Christian perspective.

The university's Young Americans for Freedom chapter extended the invitation to Walsh, who will deliver a speech titled "The War on Reality: Why the Left has set out to redefine life, gender, and marriage." He is scheduled to appear at the university on April 9.

Some students, however, have begun circulating a petition to prevent Walsh's appearance from happening, titled "Stop Matt Walsh, Conservative Blogger, from Delivering Anti-LGBTQ Speech at Baylor." At the time of this writing, the petition has received more than 2,000 signatures.

A portion of the petition states that Walsh's speech "cannot be allowed to take place."
"For the benefit of all LGBTQ+ students, alumni, and future students, this harmful hate speech must be kept off of our beloved campus," the petition demanded.

A dueling petition, however, which is titled "Support Matt Walsh! Stop Patrick Hill & others who don't understand free speech," is also circulating and has received more than 2,300 signatures.

What else?

Walsh told The College Fix that the attempted suppression of free speech and expression isn't surprising.

"[It's] just another example of the decline of our university system," he said. "College should be a place where challenging ideas are embraced and engaged. Instead, people expect to only be exposed to ideas that fit their ideological framework."
Walsh added, "It's a sad state of affairs."

Zachary Miller, who is president of the school's Young Americans for Freedom chapter, also told the outlet that he is disappointed, but not surprised, by the response.
Lori Fogleman, a Baylor University campus spokesperson, told The College Fix that the school has no plans at this time to cancel Walsh's appearance.

"Baylor University's mission statement includes the phrase 'Integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment in a caring community,'" she said.

"As an institution of higher education, we are committed to a thoughtful exchange of ideas and an academic environment that supports inquiry, discourse, and diversity," Fogleman added. "As a Christian institution, we have an additional responsibility — to appreciate differing opinions and backgrounds in a respectful, loving manner that extends grace as Christ did."
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