Donald Trump Jr. Reportedly Has Just One Awesome Demand for His New House: A Gun Room

Donald Trump Jr. had one important demand when he went house-shopping in the Hamptons: a special room to store his gun collection.
Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, settled on a $4.5 million, seven-room home in Bridgehampton, according to the New York Post.
The house will have enough rooms to accommodate Trump Jr.’s five children and Guilfoyle’s son, but Trump Jr. wasn’t immediately sold on the house.
“One of the first questions Don Jr. asked was where he could store his guns,” a source told the Post.
But the couple decided the mansion was right for them, with Trump Jr. planning to add a room to accommodate his gun collection. 
Trump Jr. wasn’t sold on the location at first, preferring the more quiet location of Westchester, New York.
However, Trump Jr. might find fellow gun owners in The Hamptons. 
“There are a lot of gun owners out here, and there is a big hunting season in the spring and fall,” the source said.
“Don Jr. loves to hunt. He is looking forward to spring and fall hunting season in the Hamptons.”
The “gun room” request from Trump Jr. isn’t surprising, considering his public support for the Second Amendment and passion for hunting.

Trump Jr. frequently posts about his outdoor activities, including shooting, on Instagram.

Trump’s “big game hunting” previously enraged liberals, despite the fact that revenue gained from legal trophy hunting is used to support conservation efforts and ward off poachers.
And Trump’s “gun room” request will undoubtedly anger liberals as well.
Many Democrats are uncomfortable with the idea of Americans owning guns at all.
Nevertheless, Trump Jr. is sticking it to liberals by owning several guns and dedicating a special room to his collection.
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