Greeting card about making sandwiches for boys slammed as sexist: 'Is it still 1955?'

A pair of romantic cards went viral over the weekend, with people on Twitter pointing out that they perpetuated sexist gender stereotypes. 
“You’re the kind of girl I’d buy flowers for,” read one card. “You’re the kind of boy I’d make a sandwich for,” the other said.
When U.K.-based actor, writer and singer Natasha Hodgson tweeted a photo of the cards side by side and called them “the two sides of heterosexuality,” people were quick to jump in with their own comparisons. Many people asked what year it is, and pointed out that lots of people enjoy both flowers and sandwiches — regardless of their gender. 

The cards also sparked a discussion about all the ways items are unnecessarily gendered, starting with children’s books and baby bottles.

Shoppers have pushed back against stores selling clothing or other items that perpetuate antiquated gender roles or sexist beliefs in recent years. In 2017, an Arizona mom went viral for placing a NASA tank top designed for boys in the girl’s section.

The previous year, Forever 21 pulled boys’ T-shirts from its website following criticisms that slogans including “Sorry ladies I only date models” were inappropriate.
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