Ivanka Trump trolled after sharing photo of her son sleeping on the floor: 'Got issues? Call ICE'

Ivanka Trump often runs afoul of Trump critics — most recently after she chimed in on Women’s History Month — but it’s fair to say that the resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen this week has added an extra level of scrutiny. 
Nielsen’s departure amid reports that her enforcement of controversial family separations at the border wasn’t deemed tough enough for the president has renewed interest and outrage over how migrant children are treated. It was perhaps bad timing, then, for the first daughter to share a lighthearted Instagram post featuring her own kids.
Trump, who has three children with husband Jared Kushner, went on social media Monday night to share a photo of 3-year-old Theodore passed out on the floor of the bedroom he shares with 5-year-old brother Joseph. The amused mom joked that the toddler may need to go back to using a crib, given that he’s climbing out of his bed at night.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders found the post “hilarious,” while other parents offered their tips for keeping a kid in bed. But critics couldn’t resist likening the White House adviser’s escape artist toddler issues to migrant children being separated from their parents and kept behind chain-link fences.
“Meanwhile your dad refuses to reunite brown kids with their parents,” read one comment.

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“Got issues? Call ICE. #CAGESWORKFORYOURDAD,” quipped another critic.
“Can you also get cribs for all the children you’re separating from their families at the border?” asked one commenter.
“What about cages?” wrote comedian Joe Mande. “Isn’t that your thing?”
Trump supporters were quick to call out the criticism.
“This is a private moment that she chose to share with the American people,” one follower wrote. “All of you idiots that have some comment to say about this, shame on you all. Ivanka, as a 58-year-old man who just had his first grandson, these are the true pictures and memories that I want to have in my mind and please do not let these idiots tear you down … This is a very precious moment in your life — embrace it without listening to anybody.”
“Stop highjacking cute kid pics with your bias,” another Trump fan said of the negative comments.
Trump has not responded to the backlash.
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