'Submit to God thru Islam': Church vandalized with graffiti; 125-year-old windows apparently broken

A South Carolina church was vandalized with apparently spray-painted graffiti that read, "Submit to God thru Islam" and "Muhammed [sic] is his prophet."

Anderson Police on Sunday posted a Facebook photo of the vandalism at Midway Presbyterian Church. The photo shows three covered-over windows that are 125 years old, police said. They appear to have been broken.
The post added that a reward will be offered "for information that leads to the arrest of the individual(s) who vandalized this church."

The Facebook post has garnered over 750 comments, with some blaming Muslims for the graffiti. It's worth noting, however, that following the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, a gay choir director admitted to spray-painting his Indiana church with anti-gay slurs, the phrase "Heil Trump," and a swastika. That incident was among a number of similar hoaxes made to look like Trump supporters perpetrated hateful acts.

And coupled with the botching of the commonly recognized spelling of Muhammad, it's quite possible the Midway Presbyterian Church vandalism was not committed by a Muslim or Muslims.
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