‘Try walking in MY SHOES first.’ Legal immigrant takes Kyle Korver and his ‘white privilege’ drivel APART in EPIC thread

Utah Jazz player, Kyle Korver, wrote a little something about white privilege which of course every Leftist, progressive, SJW ate up with a spoon because no matter what happens in this country, they are still so desperate to cling to the notion that white men are to blame for EVERYTHING.
So Korver wrote a piece they all applauded …
From The Players Tribune:
There’s an elephant in the room that I’ve been thinking about a lot over these last few weeks. It’s the fact that, demographically, if we’re being honest: I have more in common with the fans in the crowd at your average NBA game than I have with the players on the court.
And after the events in Salt Lake City last month, and as we’ve been discussing them since, I’ve really started to recognize the role those demographics play in my privilege. It’s like — I may be Thabo’s friend, or Ekpe’s teammate, or Russ’s colleague; I may work with those guys. And I absolutely 100% stand with them.
But I look like the other guy.
And whether I like it or not? I’m beginning to understand how that means something.
Victor Nikki, who calls himself a legal immigrant in his Twitter bio, took Korver and this idea of ‘white privilege’ apart in a lengthy and EPIC thread.
Take a look.
1) I look at where I’m at and what I have today and I know that everything came from unimaginable struggle. We came to America poor and penniless. Didn’t know the language & had no connections. We came because capitalism provided opportunity while socialism provided oppression

2) My father worked as a laborer until he died as penniless as when he came. The opportunity he sought wasn’t necessarily for himself, it was for his children. We were taught to work hard, that there was honor in performing well and that crime led to death or worse, dishonor

3)After Carter destroyed the economy, my father lost his job, we were already poor, but after that, we were destitute and desperate. My father took any odd job to earn little cash. I did the same. For years we lived off of what our garden and our backs produced, in a violent city

Wow, so much privilege.
4) We were surrounded by drugs and violence. The opportunity to do evil was abundant, but I said no. Every day was literally a struggle for survival. Gunfire erupted every night. Robberies were common. I avoided being shot thru sheer luck, maybe that could be called privilege

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See?! Total privilege. *eye roll*
5) We lived in fear of losing our house or our lives until I was able to complete my education and help my family overcome their circumstances. Thru my college years I worked hard and studied harder. I knew the price of failure and it wasn’t an option.

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6) At any time I could’ve chosen crime. Some of my friends did, some died, some went to jail. We all have a choice. Thru never ending toil I completed my education and my training. I was driven, not to just survive, but to thrive. In my profession, I’m one of the best...

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Hard work … not privilege? COLOR US SHOCKED.
7) ... not because of my race but what I was able to produce. Nothing was ever given to me. Everything I got in this life was because of the sweat of my brow, the breaking of my back or my intelligence, never because of my race.

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Someone might want to get Korver a little aloe for that burn. Ouchville, population HIM.
10) If I was to assume any stereotype based on race, that would make me a racist. Assuming I’m privileged because of my skin color makes you a racist. But before you assume my life was privileged, try walking in my shoes first, then tell me, otherwise, GFYs. Fin

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Please understand that when people like Kyle Korver virtue-signal, it encourages the online outrage brigade to continue bullying. Your pathetic attempt to save yourself only puts others at greater risk.

Stop being a sniveling coward.

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