White-on-White Crime: Trump Supporter Aggressively Heckles News Reporter on Camera at Political Event

When you work in journalism, you come to expect that you are going to encounter your fair amount of trolls as you go about your daily job. They are out there, and they are ready to heckle you at every turn—whether their opinions about what you are reporting on are based in fact or not.
They are loud. They are bold. They want you to hear what they have to say—by any means necessary.
And so it was that Michael Gordon, a reporter with the El Paso, Texas, ABC News affiliate KVIA, went to work at a political event in his town, and as he prepared to go live on air, a woman wearing a red sweatshirt and a matching red “Make America Great Again” hat approached him. She was holding up a sign that said among other things “Fake By Omission” and 
“No Collusion”—an often repeated refrain by the dotard in chief himself, Donald Trump.
Gordon shared the video on his Twitter account Monday.
With her two pigtails dangling from under her hate hat, the woman comes bounding up to Gordon yelling “Hi fake news! Hi fake news!”
She then begins chanting “Fake ass news! Fake ass news.” She points into the camera and says “Y’all are fake!”
She points her finger directly in Gordon’s face and yells “You’re fake!”
“You spread fake news. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” she says before wandering off chanting “Trump 2020! Trump 2020!”
This woman probably doesn’t even know what she thinks is fake.
Through it all, Gordon maintains his composure and somehow resists the urge to slap the shit out the person aggressively jumping around him and pointing her finger in his face.
He’s a better man than me.

Watch the video below.
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