Alyssa Milano's call for 'sex strike' backfires immediately, hilarity ensues

Milano, 46, who was instrumental in the #MeToo movement, called on her vast social media following to abstain from sex until the restrictive abortion law - dubbed the "heartbeat bill" - is overturned.
- Actress Alyssa Milano says she's leaving her Netflix show "Insatiable" if they continue to film in Georgia. "Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just can not risk pregnancy", Milano tweeted.
'JOIN ME by not having sex until we get bodily autonomy back. "I'm calling for a #SexStrike", she said. "Pass it on." Take a look above.
By Saturday morning, the #SexStrike hashtag was a top trending item on Twitter, though reaction to Milano's suggestion was divisive, with some supporting the notion wholeheartedly, while others outright mocked the idea.
Turnabout is certainly fair play here, and Milano has every right to call for something like this in light of Georgia's restrictive anti-abortion laws and the increasingly hostile pro-life community's response to women's reproductive rights and the availability of safe, healthy options for abortion.
Indeed, the irony of Milano's "sex strike" did not fall of deaf ears.
Similar bills are being proposed in other states, with Alabama set to vote on a bill that would make abortion impossible once a fertilized egg is "in utero", meaning when it has reached a woman's uterus, which can happen two weeks before her period is due and long before she would be aware of being pregnant.
'Bribing men for equal rights with access to our bodies is not how feminism works'.
Many followers quickly noted that the concept of women banning together to effect change by witholding sex is far from novel.
"Milano was able to garner support from other feminists on Twitter, many using "#Lysistrata2019".
"Mandatory vasectomies until you want to have children", the Westworld star tweeted this week. Come on guys, Let's save lives! Cause its' your body and we don't get to make that choice for you? Earlier this year she was behind a Hollywood protest of Georgia's "heartbeat bill" resulting in dozens of Hollywood actors signing on to her pledge not to film in the state if the bill passed. That is before most women see a doctor to confirm a pregnancy.
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