Banksy Gets Kicked Out The Venice Art Biennale After Creating Unlicensed Street Stall With Social Commentary

The famous street artist, Banksy, who hides his face and creates his own identity through thought-provoking graffitis reminds the world of himself wherever he goes. By leaving poignant and on-point art on buildings around the world, the artist brings attention to many controversial topics. 
Last year, he traveled to New York and raised awareness about the unjust imprisonment of Zehra Doğan. The court in Turkey has sentenced her to two years and nine months in prison for painting an image of the destroyed Kurdish-majority city of Nusaybin, obliterated by the Turkish.
Recently, people began to suspect that Banksy has arrived in Italy as some of the artwork resembling his style was noticed. However, the artist hasn’t claimed them yet. But his Instagram account he confirmed that he’s visiting the country. And he made it just in time for Venice Biennale.
Despite being rather controversial, Banksy is considered to be a world-renowned street artist. Many of his paintings made waves in the art world and was sold for record-breaking prices. However, he has never been invited to the Venice Biennale. But that wasn’t going to stop him from participating anyway.
Venice Biennale is considered to be the most prestigious art event in the world. It was founded in 1895 and has a tradition of gathering the world’s most promising artists to exhibit their work.
In the sea of talented artists, every single one of them craves attention. However, not too many of them dare to gain it the same way Banksy does.
The famous artist decided to make a Banksy-style entrance – with no permission or license and with a provocating piece of artwork.
No one had a clue that Banksy crashed the event until he posted a video on Instagram with a caption “Setting up my stall at the Venice Biennale. Despite being the largest and most prestigious art event in the world, for some reason, I’ve never been invited.”
The video shows an unknown man, maybe the anonymous artist himself, setting up a stall in the street of Venice during the Biennale.
The piece he chose to show depicts a controversial cruise ship. People began to wonder what’s the message this time. Could the piece be about environmental issues or perhaps the migrant crisis in Italy?
Some say it’s plausible that the artist is satirizing the problems tourism poses to the culture and architecture of the city.
The video shows people gathering around the painting, commenting and admiring the art. However, none of them knew how close they came into contact with the well-known artist or at least his work.
However, soon the artist was approached by the police and asked to leave, probably robbing someone of the opportunity to buy Banksy’s work.

Watch the video showing how Banksy crashed the Venice Biennale below

Here’s how people reacted

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