Brian Sims Acts Tough when Harassing Teen Protesters, Man His Own Size Sends Him Running

Things aren’t shaping up well for Brian Sims.
The Democrat who represents a Center City Philadelphia district in the Pennsylvania state legislature might have thought that posting videos of himself haranguing teenage girls and older women outside an abortion clinic would make him a hero to the left.
But a video posted almost two years ago shows what the former college football player did when he was accosted by a protester his own size — and it wasn’t heroic at all.
In the video, Sims is confronted by Asa Khalif, a man the PhillyVoice described as “a lead activist with Pennsylvania’s Black Lives Matter chapter.”
According to PhillyVoice, Khalif wasn’t happy with the way Sims was handling complaints about discrimination against blacks in the section of Philadelphia known locally as the “Gayborhood.” (That would be “gay” as in homosexuals, rainbow flags, the whole nine yards. We’re not talking about a conservative part of town.)
(The video, posted in June 2017, is available on YouTube. But readers be warned, the language is vile.)
Confronted on the street by a full-grown man, Sims wasn’t anywhere near the bold, hectoring liberal he became infamous for when he accosted pro-life protesters on camera.
In fact, he looked an awful lot like a coward running away from a confrontation.
Considering the publicity Sims has gotten since he decided to make himself famous for picking on females, “coward” might be one of the more complimentary terms he’s been pegged with.
He’s been roundly roasted on social media and officially denounced by the archbishop of Philadelphia. (Liberals might not care about the Catholic Church that much anymore on the national scene, but it still carries a lot of weight in cities like Philadelphia.)
One of his victims was featured on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
Meanwhile, Sims’ grotesque behavior on the videos that gained public attention this week is actually galvanizing the pro-life movement he set out to attack.
The Planned Parenthood clinic where Sims staged his scenes was the site on Friday of a pro-life demonstration that drew throngs — not just the handful of teenage girls or a solitary woman that Sims felt safe verbally abusing.
In attendance were major pro-life names like Abby Johnson, the Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist whose story is told in the movie “Unplanned.” (According to a local radio report, Sims was invited to attend. He didn’t.)
Ashley Garecht, the mother who was harassed by Sims (and the guest who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday), spoke at the rally on Friday morning.
According to Fox News, Garecht and her husband, Joe, started a GoFundMe page after they realized the man who’d made the scene outside the Planned Parenthood clinic was an elected official.
The page had raised more than $100,000 for the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia by early Friday afternoon.
So, Rep. Brian Sims, the man who tried to “shame” defenseless females for praying outside a Planned Parenthood clinic has been held up to national shame himself.
The very pro-life cause he attacked is getting a new, favorable attention it never would have had without Sims’ abhorrent behavior.
And a newly resurfaced video shows the man who pretended to be tough when it came to menacing women and girls showed he has no stomach for a confrontation in public with a man his own size.
Things really didn’t shape up well for Brian Sims at all.
But then again, for cowards and bullies, they rarely do.
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