Disturbing Video Shows Raging Pro-Abortion Crowd Abuse Pro-Life Boy, Call for His Castration

Now that multiple states are working to protect babies instead of kill them, those in favor of abortion are stepping it up a notch, as witnessed in a recent video posted by Breitbart.
Boris Kizenko, a pro-life teenager who also happens to be the executive director of the “High Schoolers For Freedom” group, arrived at a pro-abortion “#StopTheBans” protest Tuesday in Washington, D.C., and to say he wasn’t welcome would be a massive understatement.
“People threatened me here, people pushed me. I was hit over the side of my head… I think that just shows that there’s a double standard between the left and the right,” Kizenko said of his experience at the rally.
He was cut off several times during the video by screaming, pro-abortion protesters. They did everything they could to drown out Kizenko’s stance on the issue, including yelling obnoxiously into the camera.
One of them, an elderly woman, held nothing back as she approached Kizenko and suggested he be “fixed” because of his pro-life views.

In other words, this woman wants people like Kizenko — men who care about keeping babies alive — to be castrated.
Warning: The video below contains explicit language. 
Disturbing Video Shows Raging Pro-Abortion Crowd Abuse Pro-Life Boy, Call for His Castration
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Let’s be honest — this video shows that many of the people who show up to these pro-abortion rallies are, quite frankly, dangerous. They’re not acting like human beings.

Politics aside, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with protesting and speaking one’s point of view.
But to do it in such an aggressive, barbaric manner — suggesting that pro-life teens be castrated — means something has gone very wrong.
Later in the video, a middle-aged woman approached Kizenko with a megaphone while chanting “My body, my choice,” over and over again. Every time Kizenko politely countered her stance with his viewpoint, she used the megaphone’s siren feature to silence him.
Topping it off, in true leftist fashion, she belittled Kizenko, shouting to the crowd “That baby’s lying, he’s scared of us, everyone!
She took things a step further by shouting, “But he can go the f*** home. But he doesn’t. But he’s so terrified… you can’t get laid.”
She then continued with her incessant megaphone trolling, “No vagina, no voice!”
While Kizenko didn’t appear to be “terrified,” as she stated, I wouldn’t blame him if he was. Leftists are getting scarier by the day and there’s no telling what a crowd like that is capable of doing to a young man who’s just offering his intelligent, differing opinion on the issue.
They’re losing power and when people lose power, they get scared and resort to actionsthey’d otherwise probably never consider. Let’s just hope that the pro-abortion activist crowd doesn’t get any worse because going by this encounter, it’s already pretty bad.
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