Emily Ratajkowski Poses Nude To Punish ‘Old White Men’ For Alabama Abortion Law

Beautiful model Emily Ratajkowski posted a nude photo of herself to social media on Thursday to protest the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, the strictest abortion law in the nation.
Oddly enough, Ratajkowski was specifically targeting the "25 old white men" who voted for the ban with her nude post.
The Alabama Human Life Protection Act was signed into law on Wednesday by Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL), a woman. The law totally outlaws abortion, save an exemption for the life of the mother, and targets third-party abortionists with life in prison for carrying out illegal abortions.
"This week, 25 old white men voted to ban abortion in Alabama even in cases of incest and rape," she captioned a photo of herself. "These men in power are imposing their wills onto the bodies of women in order to uphold the patriarchy and perpetuate the industrial prison complex by preventing women of low economic opportunity the right to choose to not reproduce."
"The states trying to ban abortion are the states that have the highest proportions of black women living there," noted Ratajkowski, unintentionally highlighting that black babies stand to gain the most from the pro-life legislation. "This is about class and race and is a direct attack on the fundamental human rights women in the US deserve and are protected by under Roe vs. Wade."
"Our bodies, our choice," added the model.
Ratajkowski is completely nude in the photo, though she has a flower petal strategically placed between her legs, covering up her crotch. 
Ratajkowski was a vocal critic of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, standing among other Hollywood feminists to protest during the judge’s confirmation hearing. Ratajkowski and comedian Amy Schumer were "arrested" during an October protest.
"Capitol Police said they arrested 302 people during the demonstrations. Video from the scene shows the two actresses being detained after an officer asks if they want to be arrested," reported CNN at the time.
"Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault," the model posted in a tweet after the "arrest."
"Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power," she added.
On Wednesday, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act will essentially kill Roe v. Wade.
"Roe v. Wade is gone and every woman in Alabama who gets pregnant is gonna be forced to give birth soon," Toobin said during a CNN appearance. "And that’s gonna be true in Alabama, it’s gonna be true in Missouri, it’s gonna be true, probably, in Georgia. And that’s what the law is because that's what the presidential election was about, in part, last time."
"This is what this fight has been about, for years," he continued. "I think the legislators were very smart, they waited until they got five votes on the Supreme Court and now they’re gonna push this thing through. And Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch are gonna be joined by Chief Justice Roberts and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, and this is a victory that Rick (Santorum) and others have been fighting for decades and they’ve won and they should celebrate."
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