Horrible: Major British University Warns Jewish Students Not To Celebrate Israel Independence Day

According to a tip provided to The Daily Wire by a Ph.D. student at the U.K.'s prestigious University of Leeds, the student union at the educational institutional recently deemed it appropriate to post something on Facebook warning students that they may not be happy with Jewish students celebrating Israel Independence Day. The post even goes so far as to offer a help and support line for thin-skinned Jew-hating ignoramuses who are so grossly offended by the mere sight of Jewish university students celebrating the independence day — known in Hebrew as Yom Ha'atzmaut — of the world's one and only Jewish state.
Welcome to Europe in the year 2019.Here is the full post:

[Leeds University Union] has given permission for the Jewish Society to run an event on Thursday 9th May in Union Square (12pm-2pm) celebrating Israel Independence Day.
We understand that some of our members will be unhappy that this event is taking place, which is why we are letting students know in advance.
If any students are concerned by this event, as always we would encourage you to speak to our LUU Help & Support Team in the Union foyer, via advice@luu.leeds.ac.ukor by phone 0113 3801400.
Numerous Facebook users sarcastically commented on the post, noting its facial absurdity and malicious nature.
One commented: "Politicising an event devoid of politics. Any nation should be allowed to celebrate their culture away from politics. ... Offence is taken, not given, but it seems some are beginning to pick and choose what to take offence to in terms of nation, nationhood and culture. Yom Haatsmaut [sic] celebrations should be able to go ahead tomorrow with no fear of a backlash. It isn't politics. Its a cultural celebration[.]"
Another commented: "Mildly anti-semitic to feel the need to announce this particularly. Plenty of other controversial events are held and you don't usually warn them not to be too insulted."
And a third commented: "I am deeply saddened that LUU has chosen to describe Israel Independence Day in this manner. Until today I had not felt any of the antisemitism which I had been told is rife on university campuses, but with the singling out of an event celebrating the founding of a state where my people could find refuge - irrespective of politics, this is about the fact the country exists - I have been forced to think again. However polite the language used, the fact remains that this statement from LUU implies directly that in their opinion, it is valid to say that Israel has no right to exist."
As The Daily Wire has reported numerous times, anti-Semitism in Britain has been on a clear rise for years. In February, The Jerusalem Post cited the United Kingdom's Community Security Trust (CST) nationwide survey to note the following:

According to the CST – a Jewish community organization that works in cooperation with the U.K. police – there were 1,652 reported incidents of anti-Semitism, a 16% rise from the 1,420 anti-Semitic incidents recorded by CST in 2017, which was itself a record annual total, as was the total of 1,375 incidents for 2016.
President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Marie van der Zyl described the figures as "very worrying for Jews living in the U.K."
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