Man’s car breaks down in Chick-fil-A drive-thru lane. Workers go the extra mile to help him: 'Those people are truly doing the Lord's work!'

Chick-fil-A employees at a franchise in East Ridge, Tennessee, insisted on helping a customer change a flat tire after he broke down in the drive-thru lane of the restaurant.

In addition to helping out with the man's car trouble, workers replaced his original food with fresh, hot food and gave him two free cookies for his troubles.

What are the details?

Brian Hall, a worship leader and carpenter, detailed the incident on his Facebook page earlier in May, where it soon went viral.

On his Facebook page, Hall wrote, "Bunch of saints over at the chickfila in east ridge! My tire somehow went flat in the drive through so they rushed out to replace it for me with their hydraulic Jack. They brought my food out to me then after it was done replaced my food with new fresh food so it wouldn't be cold and put two cookies in there for free! Those people are truly doing the Lord's work over there!"
Hall told Fox News, "They rushed out when they saw what happened and wouldn't let me do a thing. I am a carpenter and work with my hands a lot so it was a little funny letting other people do that for me but they insisted.

"Their kindness was overwhelming in the middle of a somewhat awkward situation," he added. "They truly went above and beyond to be Christ-like. And they didn't even know I am a worship leader because with all of my tattoos I definitely don't look like one."

Hall told the Daily Mail that the whole incident was taken care of very fast.
"It probably only took 20 min [sic] but they were really great about it," he wrote the outlet in an email. "I knew it wasn't because of profits or anything because they have two lines so it didn't slow down business at all."

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