Meghan McCain unloads on Joy Behar on ‘The View’ over party politics: ‘We have to put this crap aside!’

Meghan McCain, conservative co-host on "The View," went on the offensive against liberal co-host Joy Behar over party politics in Washington, D.C.

What happened? 

During the ABC show on Thursday, McCain said that it was time to stop using humor to discuss the happenings in Washington, D.C., because actual events need to be addressed without party politics.

The women kicked off the "Hot Topics" segment by addressing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement that President Donald Trump is engaged in a cover-up, and Trump's subsequent walking out on an infrastructure meeting. Trump refuted Pelosi's claims and insisted that he doesn't "do cover-ups."

During the segment, co-host Sunny Hostin discussed the president's announcement that he would not work with Democrats on legislation as long as they continued to investigate him, calling it an "impeachable offense."

Behar touched upon Trump's remarks that he doesn't "do cover-ups" and added a joke of her own.

"I wish my stand-up act was as funny as that line," Behar joked. "Let me count the ways: his high school grades, his taxes, his financial records, his conversations with Putin ... his hush money payments."

"They're all cover-ups!" she insisted. "Think about Stormy Daniels."
McCain noted that she misses the "days of [former President] Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill," and pointed to Pelosi and Trump as those causing problems in Washington.
"[It's] party posturing on both sides," she said. "Joe Biden's message of working with the other side is looking really good to me. I think America can do so much better than this."

McCain went on to explain that while she is able to find humor in the situation, she is "depressed" over the state of infrastructure in the U.S.

"We're talking about people's lives at stake," she explained, "so maybe a little less humor and a little more work by everyone would be nice."
She pointed out that people feel compelled to joke about Trump being an "idiot," but they're only distracting others from addressing real problems.

Behar interrupted, offering her opinion that the president is "ridiculous," a statement with which McCain agreed. For her part, however, McCain said that she couldn't "find the humor in it."

"This business of Nancy Pelosi is just as bad as he is is a bunch of baloney in my opinion," Behar insisted.
McCain went on to offer that "everyone is at fault."

"Not everyone's at fault! Look at the original mover here, Mitch McConnell," she said, pointing to Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-Ky.) who once said he was elected to make sure former President Barack Obama was a one-term president.
"As long as you demonize all Republicans — but even in the spirit of what you said makes me not want to have a conversation with you," McCain complained.
Undeterred, Behar insisted that Republicans are "all behind" Trump.

"We have to put this crap aside!" McCain cried. "All of us, here at 'The View' as well, and politicians in D.C., at a certain point, we have to work together for America."
McCain insisted that she's sick and tired of "party politics and what happened in the past" and simply wants to move forward with real progress.
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