North Korean Defectors Harassed on the Street in Washington DC for Wearing MAGA Hats- Media Ignores This Hate Crime (VIDEO)

Here’s a hate crime that did not make any headlines–

Last week Twitter user “Bigalow Black” proudly posted a short video clip showing several street thugs harassing and abusing a group of what looked like Asian tourists in Make America Great Again Hats.
Bigalow Black: “Not Around Here Pimp…Ain’t None Of That Make America Great Again Sh*t!”
The video shows a group of black men surrounding the smaller Asians, grabbing their MAGA hats off their heads, and throwing one of them in the air before stomping on it.
The disgusting attack was shared over 3,000 times before it was deleted.
But it gets worse…
Debra Heine at PJ Media later found out that the Asians wearing MAGA hats were not just tourists but North Korean defectors.
They were wearing MAGA hats in support of President Trump who has confronted the regime and started nuclear talks with leader Kim Jong Un.
And they were in America hoping to raise money to help the starving people of North Korea.

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