People are upset a retailer offered an 'LGBT sandwich' to honor gay pride celebrations — but not for the reason you'd expect

U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer is under fire after offering an "LGBT" sandwich to honor the nation's Pride celebrations.

The sandwich, which stands for "lettuce," "guacamole," "bacon," and "tomato," prompted many social media users to blast the company for comparing members of the LGBTQ community to ... well, to sandwiches.

What are the details?

According to the Daily Mail, Marks & Spencer launched the special edition sandwich to commemorate the year's LGBTQ Pride parade.

The sandwich's box reads in large letters "LGBT," and features a rainbow-colored print.

The company charges about £3 per sandwich, and says it will donate more than £10,000 to LGBTQ-friendly charities.

The outlet reported that one consumer felt personally offended by the sandwich.
On Twitter, the user wrote, "I felt so enraged I left. Basically equating us to a sandwich? Can't imagine them doing this with other marginalised groups."

The outlet reported that another user wrote, "Whilst it is 'good' a national company is raising awareness, this is blatant exploitation of a marginalised community for huge profit."

British TV presenter Piers Morgan even weighed in on the offending sandwich.
"Gay sandwiches?" he said. "Is there no cynical virtue-signalling depth struggling companies now won't now plunge to make a profit?"

Morgan, a former CNN host, also added, "So this magnificent gesture of pathetic tokenism will take them around ten minutes to pay off."

He later added, "I'm most cross on behalf of LGBT vegans & Muslims who've been further disenfranchised & marginalised by these bacon-laden gay sandwiches."

Carrie Reiners of the Albert Kennedy Trust — which supports homeless members of the LGBTQ community and will benefit from the retailer's donation — expressed her glee at the retailer's effort. 

She told the Daily Mail, "We're thrilled to see M&S show visible support for the LGBTQ+ community this Pride, and are extremely grateful. The donation will enable us to continue providing safe homes and better futures for the young LGBTQ+ people we work with."

Another social media user chimed in on the subject and wrote, "Please stop taking extreme views you see on TV as representative for an entire demographic. Nobody is actually offended by a sandwich, the media want you to view LGBT ppl as snowflakes so they can invalidate very real LGBT issues/concerns!"

A spokesperson for the retailer said, "The BLT is one of our most-loved sandwiches and we're really excited to give it a delicious twist for our customers to enjoy while celebrating Pride season."
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