Queen Elizabeth II's elite guard recruits first woman in its 359-year history

A woman joined the Household Cavalry for the first time in 359 years, The Times reports.
According to the British newspaper, Nina Croker, 29, became the first woman in history to join Queen Elizabeth II’s elite cavalry.
The Household Cavalry consists of the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals, which are the top two regiments in the British Army. Croker is reportedly a member of the queen’s Life Guards, which is tasked with protecting the royal residences in the U.K. 
According to The Times, the regiment also serves at a number of other state events, including the queen’s birthday parades and at royal weddings.
Croker told the international news agency that her appointment to the regiment shows that “girls are just as capable as men.”
Croker said she had “always grown up hanging out with guys” and sees herself as one of them in guard.
“I don’t really think of it [being a woman] because I see myself as one of them,” she told The Times.
She will reportedly have her first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II this weekend as a finalist in the prestigious Princess Elizabeth Cup competition.
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