Unbiased? Journalism Teacher Calls GOP a ‘Terrorist Organization’

The establishment media loves to tout itself as an unbiased bastion of truth, but far-left ideologues are teaching the next generation of “unbiased” journalists.
Journalism and New York City go hand-in-hand, and it’s not surprising that journalism students from New York University go on to work for major news organizations.
And the students at NYU have the opportunity to learn from an “award-winning journalist,” Lauren Duca, who teaches journalism as a visiting scholar.
Duca, a former columnist for Teen Vogue, has been published by such outlets as The New York Times and The New Yorker.
But Duca isn’t the quintessential “unbiased” journalist from whom students should be learning. Instead, Duca is a far-left ideologue and prolific Twitter user.
On Tuesday, Duca shocked Twitter users by claiming the Republican party is a terrorist organization.
“Yo, I am in the best mood. Sending good vibes to everyone,” Duca tweeted. “Except the Republican party, which is a terrorist organization.”

Yo, I am in the best mood. Sending good vibes to everyone.*🌈✨

*Except the Republican party, which is a terrorist organization.

Clearly, Duca’s tweet is hyperbolic and flat-out wrong. In fact, Republicans are often more concerned about radical Islamic terrorism than are Democrats.
Duca must have forgotten about former President Barack Obama’s conciliatory policies toward Iran, a state sponsor of terrorism.
And that’s not the journalist’s only shocking tweet. Earlier this month, Duca wrote one celebrating big tech’s ongoing censorship of conservatives.
It’s sad that such a blatant far-left ideologue is entrusted with teaching our next generation of journalists.
Duca might be an “award-winning” writer, but that’s a testament to the poor state of modern-day journalism.
Journalists used to report the news in a factual, unbiased manner. But in 2019, partisanship and fear-mongering is apparently more important than fair and balanced coverage.
And the establishment media’s bias will only get worse.
Higher-education institutions in general are teeming with unhinged left-wing teachers such as Duca, and it will result in more shamelessly biased journalists, media personalities and pundits.
Members of the establishment media pretend to be unbiased, but many are partisan hacks masquerading as qualified journalists.
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