Acosta Tries To Goad Hannity into a Fight, Gets Called Out for Desperate Attempt To Shill His Own Book

CNN’s Jim Acosta has a book out. You may not have heard because, from all reliable reports, no one else has, either.
Apparently, Sean Hannity’s friends are doing better on the charts, and that’s making CNN’s well-coiffed White House correspondent punchy. Therein lies the problem, however — one should only goad someone into a fight if one has something to fight with.
Acosta didn’t.
So here was the original tweet from Sean Hannity that got Acosta into trouble:
The Great one Mark Levin #1 on the NYTIMES best seller list 4 Weeks in a row. Congrats Mark. spent most of yesterday at over 500 on Amazon. . Sales were garbage his first week, no wonder his reps are begging to be on my shows.
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Acosta responded by noting his book had just made The New York Times’ bestseller list:
Well, all right, Hannity said:
Jim Acosta
Somebody help Sean find his glasses. “The Enemy of the People” just made the NYT Best Seller List. Now if only Hannity had the guts to have me on his show. But we already know the answer to that one....
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And then he noted, in a bit of sarcasm, that he’d gladly have the CNN gadfly on his show, provided he wasn’t doing any gadfly-ing.
Acosta, as of Saturday morning, isn’t applying any ice to that sick burn.

For all I know, Acosta’s book is full of trenchant truths I need to grok. I haven’t read Levin’s book yet, although I plan to. From my experience, having slogged through the first fifth of Acosta’s book on a plane journey that lasted over 20 hours, I got pre-emptive jet lag and stopped, moving to more readable material like “Finnegans Wake.”
My guess is that Acosta is not going to appear on Fox News without being assured he can say every 30 seconds — as if on cue — “… as I say in my new book, ‘Enemy of the People,’ available in fine bookstores everywhere and anywhere.”
Hannity, one assumes, knows this. That’s why this is being taken every bit as seriously as a request by a Fox News personality to appear on CNN.
And, by the way, what do you think are the odds of that happening?
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