Doctor Strips Off Clothes Online, Has Her License Stripped

A doctor in the restrictive nation of Myanmar, also known as Burma, has had her license revoked after she shared bikini pictures on Instagram.
Nang Mwe San, who was a top student in high school, did as her parents wished and became a doctor in the Asian nation.
She had been treating patients for several years and volunteered for some nonprofit medical groups in her time as a doctor, The New York Times reported.
But when she decided to strip off her clothes for some racy photos on Instagram she had her medical license stripped from her.
“Here there is so much sexism,” Dr. Mwe San, 29, was quoted as saying in an interview about the controversial decision.
“They don’t want women to have higher positions. And they judge women on what we wear. They don’t even want us to wear trousers,” she said.
The Times said that the fight over her racy photos has gotten more attention than the ethnic cleansing that has been happening in the nation.
“No one is talking about what is happening in Rakhine, but they are all talking about moral public outrage, swimsuit edition,” David Mathieson, a political analyst in Yangon, said.
“An attractive young woman in a bikini is immoral, but waging several brutal wars and engaging in massive ethnic cleansing is fully in line with Myanmar values?” he said.
“It is my passion,” Mwe San said in the interview. “I feel more comfortable and happy working as a model.”
She told The Times that she intended to appeal the ruling and work as a doctor again someday after her modeling career is done.
“I will try my best to keep it because I spent a lot of my time and worked hard to get it,” she said to The Times in the interview.
She said that she was brought before the council in January and told that her photographs and behavior violated the traditions of Myamar.
“They didn’t call me a model,” she said in The Times interview. “Instead, they told me I have a behavior disorder.”
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