New Study Shows LGBTQ Acceptance in Stunning Decline Despite Relentless Media Fawning

For activists on the left, the news is a “social crisis.”
A new survey commissioned by a gay advocacy group found that acceptance of the homosexual and transgender lifestyle is actually down among younger Americans compared to older generations, according to the New York Post.
But considering how truly radical the movements for alternative sexuality have become, it might just be a return to common sense.
The Accelerating Acceptance 2019 survey, by Harris Poll on behalf of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, found that fewer Americans aged 18 to 34 reported being comfortable with “LGBTQ” individuals in certain situations – such as the workplace, at worship or learning that a family member is gay, lesbian, transgender or whatever piece of the “gender non-conforming” puzzle is popular on any given day.
The results were similar to those of the same survey last year, with both showing significant drops from a survey that measured attitudes in 2016. 
As NBC News reported:
“In 2016, 24 percent of respondents age 18-34 said they would feel uncomfortable with an LGBTQ family member; by 2018 that rose to 36 percent — about one in three. A similar rise was measured among the youngest group of respondents who say they would feel uncomfortable to learn their child was receiving an LGBTQ history lesson at school, from 27 percent to 39 percent.”
Of particular note: According to the survey, the sharpest decline in comfort with alternative sexualities was found among young women.
To pollsters, the developments are stunning. 
“We count on the narrative that young people are more progressive and tolerant,” The Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema told USA Today.
“These numbers are very alarming and signal a looming social crisis in discrimination.”
Gerzema said the numbers show how the gay community needs to stay vigilant.
“In this toxic age, tolerance – even among youths – now seems to be parsed out. Nothing today should be taken for granted.”
That’s how a liberal might look at it. 
But as anyone who has been living in the United States over the past few years well knows, the whole concept of “acceptance” for gays has been pushed way beyond equal rights under the law, protections in the workplace against discrimination or even gay marriage.
The ever-expanding alphabet soup of so-called LGBT issues has expanded to include (among many others):
  • Biological male athletes taking over women’s sports – destroying the whole idea of women’s sports in the first place.
  • Men feeling free to use women’s restrooms in public places, if they were identifying as “women” that day.
  • Even “drag queen story hours” that expose children too young to read to the glories of men playing dress-up in women’s clothes and makeup.
  • Slightly older kids can publicly perform their own drag shows, which opens up its own set of stomach-turning problems.
And then there’s a natural resistance among young Americans to being bullied.
With the entire educational, academic, media and entertainment complex working tirelessly to order every American to not only accept but to celebrate homosexuality (will there ever be an end to this wretched “Pride Month” and its ubiquitous demonstrations?), it’s hardly surprising that young people are rebelling.
Relentless, fawning media coverage might try to shape perceptions, but it can’t change reality.
It’s not that Americans don’t accept differences – it’s just that it is becoming ever more evident where those differences are taking the country.
Some Twitter commenters made the point perfectly:
They said they needed tolerance. It was happily given. They asked for acceptance. It was happily given. They asked for Rights they didn't believe they had. They were granted (sometimes in place of others' rights). They now want glorification, and it's too much for some people.
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Most support & accept LGB (as they should) but it seems like each month they add another letter on to this and nobody knows what the hell it stands for.
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Way to in your face. I literally have major hate for the month of June. If being gay wasn’t so risqué, half naked, screaming in your face down the street during pride month it wouldn’t bother me, but it’s way over the top
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In short, it’s the utterly deranged depths the whole “LGBTQ-whatever” movement has reached that is “alarming” — not a refreshing resistance to it that seems to be awakening among younger Americans.

To the liberal worldview, that’s a “social crisis.” To conservatives, it sounds like a return – to a degree, at least – to common sense.
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