BREAKING: Corrupt Obama Judge Amy Berman Jackson Says Roger Stone Violated Gag Order – Bans Stone From All Social Media

Roger Stone appeared before corrupt Obama-appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson Tuesday morning for a hearing over a potential violation of a gag order because of his Instagram posts.
Federal prosecutors alleged Roger Stone repeatedly violated Judge Jackson’s gag order by talking about his case in his social media posts.
On Tuesday, prosecutors didn’t request jail time or a contempt citation for Stone, rather they asked the judge that Roger Stone be banned from posting on social media until as he awaits his trial which is set for the Fall of 2019.
Judge Jackson said on Tuesday that Roger Stone is in violation of the gag order.
“It seems he’s determined to make himself the subject of the story,” Judge Jackson said before she banned Roger Stone from all social media.
“Stone won’t be jailed or held in contempt for violating his gag order, but Judge Jackson bans him from all social media on any topic or any subject,” according to Darren Samuelsohn, a legal reporter for Politico who attended the hearing.
In February, judge Jackson imposed a total gag order on Roger Stone — the judge previously only limited Stone’s gag order.
“I’m not giving you another chance,” the judge previously said, adding, “I have serious doubts about whether you have learned any lesson at all.
Judge Amy Berman Jackson then ruled, “The defendant may not speak publicly about the case. Period. He may not comment about the case indirectly.”
Amy Berman Jackson said she would jail Roger Stone until his trial if he defies her total gag order.
“Violation of this order will be a basis for revoking your bond and detaining you pending trial,” she scolded. “This is not baseball. There will not be a third chance.”
Thankfully Roger Stone wasn’t jailed, however his First Amendment rights are being trampled on. Apparently Trump supporters do not have Constitutional rights in our two-tiered justice system.
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