CNN Commentators Attack ‘Wayward White Boys,’ Say America ‘Is A Brown Country’

CNN has made no secret of where it stands on issues of politics and which Party it stands with when it comes to its reporting.
And part of standing with the Democrats means entertaining every asinine idea they have regarding racism and President Donald Trump.
Another part of it is the narrative that it is not only the president, but the entire Republican Party and conservatives who are racist.
And then tying everything that any racist or white supremacist does back to the president, Republicans and conservatives.
But what happens sometimes when they make this play is that the Democrats they have on to make the accusations show their own racism.
That is what happened on Tuesday in the span of around one minute when Bakari Sellers attacked “wayward white boys” and April Ryan said that the United States is a “brown country.
“I just want to bring up in the least surprising tragic news of the day we found out that the shooter, the mass shooter at the Gilroy Garlic Festival had some white supremacist postings on social media. Shocker,” CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota said, giving her guests the bait.
“I keep hearing people say gee, I hope the racist rhetoric being flown around doesn’t lead to violence. It’s already happening,” she said.
“While we’re casting aspersions on black and brown people, talking about words like infested, people coming over the borders if they’re not seeking better help for their families and treating them as if they’re some violent criminals, you don’t hear people talk about white male domestic terror in this country,” Sellers said.
“In South Carolina we lived through Dylann Roof, and the images of Dylann Roof  enveloped in the confederate flag, that was four years ago.
“That was 2015 and here we are today, and what has happened is I remind people of Charlottesville all the time the thing about it that was so damning was it wasn’t they were yelling these anti-Semitic xenophobic tropes.
“It’s the fact they weren’t wearing hoods. We live in a country right now where we have cultivated white people now who have more hate in their heart who are not afraid to show it.
“While we have those who do nothing to corral and build frameworks around their sites you have individuals like Donald Trump who throw gasoline on it, and it is a very combustible mix because wayward white boys right now are going on these deep, dark sites understanding it’s acceptable from their President of the United States, and then families like those families in California are now having to wake up with heartache because somebody did not have the compassion in their heart to understand what it means to love,” he said.
“And this is where the inspiration comes in. We were talking about inspiration verse aspirational versus tangible. At the end of day when you have issues of race, and former governor Doug Wilder said this. He said, you know, when you have issues of race on the table and this hatred, it stems to the fact of money. It stems to the fact like I feel like I’m not getting something you’re getting.
“And there is a dynamic that has been unequal since blacks and browns have Ben in this nation. We are at the lower end. And when you try to make it equitable there’s a fight now.
“And I’m going to go back to Bill Clinton. 22 years ago he had had foresight to understand we are a nation that’s brown. And he said, look, a lot of our older Americans they’re not going to get it. They were the ones marching with George Wallace, the lynchings and things of that nature.
“That was in the ‘90s, and now in 2019 our young people are shooting, shooting at the Emmett Till plaque and holding guns because why?” she said.

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