Mainstream media journalists, activists claim Andy Ngo 'got his wish,' provoked brutal Antifa attack

In response to journalist Andy Ngo being brutally beaten by violent Antifa protesters in Portland over the weekend, some in the mainstream media dismissed — or even blamed Ngo — for the attack against him.

Despite being hospitalized for a brain bleed as a direct result of Saturday's attack, Ngo's critics levied several accusations at him, including that it was his "goal" to provoke the attack.

Dan O'Sullivan, who has written for Rolling Stone and VICE, among other mainstream outlets, said in a tweet, "Andy Ngo is not a journalist, and in any event he went there hoping for exactly that outcome and for tweets like this.

Nathan Bernard, founder of Bernard Media, said Ngo "got his wish":

Anymann Ismail, a Slate writer, reacted:

Charlotte Clymer, who works communications for the Humans Rights Campaign, ironically claimed being attacked was Ngo's "goal from the start."

Others, like Media Matters editor Parker Molloy, also piled on. Fortunately, she later deleted her tweet and apologized.

In response, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin launched a GoFundMe campaign to benefit Ngo. The campaign raised nearly $150,000 by Monday morning.
Meanwhile, Richard Grenell, U.S. ambassador to Germany, has requested the Department of Justice investigate the incident. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) also demanded federal investigators look into Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose "hands-off" policies have seemingly incubated Antifa violence in his city. 
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