Racist Man Demands That A Woman Stop Speaking Spanish On A Plane, Passengers Troll Him By Speaking Spanish Too

Racism seems to be an endless topic nowadays, which may appear a tiny bit odd since we have so much racial diversity in the majority of the Western world. There are so many stories about it everywhere. On the other hand, there are still people waiting to build a wall in order to keep someone from entering their country. ‘Quite extreme’ one may say, right?
Having that in mind, it’s so good to have these random acts of kindness with a sprinkle of humor. It definitely makes us keep our heads up and the hope for the world to get better going strong. Today’s story is one of those sparks of hope and is featuring Jaime Primak, who got in trouble for speaking Spanish. Scroll down to find out more! 

Jaime Primak Sullivan recently got attention on Twitter after talking about an encounter with a racist man

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This woman, who is a real public relations guru, brand building and event planning, also a writer, producer, and an acknowledged author of ‘The Southern Education of a Jersey Girl’ is usually not one to let such things slide. But this time, it was other people who took charge of the situation by jumping into the conversation the grumpy racist passenger hated so much. After she shared a quick cheeky message on Twitter, it soon blew up into a massive thread as everyone seemed to want to have been a part of it.
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People on Twitter were quick to express their support

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