Horrifying moment a high school student's limp body is dragged into a hallway after getting 'knocked out' in fistfight teachers struggled to break up as classmates yelled 'get his a**!'

A shocking new video shows the moment a high school student in Tennessee was dragged out a classroom after seemingly getting knocked out in a fight.
The clip, said to be from Wednesday, features two boys delivering blows to each other's upper body at Hunters Lane school in Nashville, as fellow learners encourage the scuffle.
A female can be heard screaming, 'Get his a**. You got him!' as the boys fall around, knocking over objects including a trash can, and forcing fellow students to jump out of harm's way.
Wild punches are thrown as the boys fight on the floor, the pair crashing into the corner of a desk, in what Scoop Nashville said was the 25th video they'd received of a school fight in the first 13 days of the academic year.

At one point, staff members race in and are seen trying to break up the altercation, which takes place in front of a 'No Bully Zone' sign.
Even three adults struggle to pull them apart, as witnesses continue to laugh and film the fight.
As a boy wearing a red belt holds the arm of the boy wearing a blue belt, one woman tries to reason with the kids, saying: 'Come on fellas, let him go.'
A female student is heard yelling: 'Tyrese got beat up.'

After being pulled up to their feet, the pair continue to fight as classmates cheer them on.
More adults enter the room to separate the two.
The video then cuts to the child in the red belt being pulled out of the classroom by his arm as a student behind the camera says: 'You got knocked the f**k out.'
It's unclear whether the student was knocked out, however. Moments before he is seen kicking his legs in defiance as a male staff drags him away.

Once on the hallway he stays limp but he after getting tapped on the chest he quickly gets up and again tries to return to the fight.
The video ends with an adult female closing the classroom door to prevent him from getting back inside.

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