Missouri town's residents are finding creepy dolls everywhere, and police warn someone might get hurt

The residents of the city of Festus in Missouri are finding creepy dolls all over their town, and the local police chief is afraid someone is going to get hurt.

Some are headless. Others appear to be crying children.
The dolls are popping up in strange places, posed in odd ways, and some people are alarmed.

Festus Chief of Police Tim Lewis says that police are investigating the matter because they fear that someone might get hurt by the bizarre prank.
"The hands are sown to the face, there's no face on it. If you're to see that from behind, that looks like a little girl," he said.

"Somebody is gonna stop. In this town people are good-hearted," Lewis explained.
"People are gonna stop and check to make sure that's not a child," he added. "And then they're either gonna get hit, or there's a chance they get out of the car and they get run over. Then you're dealing with catastrophe."

Lewis says they don't know who is behind the joke.
"Somebody just wants attention. Or they think it's funny to put out and they're giggling as they see people stopping," says Lewis.

Here's a local news video about the creepy dolls:

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