Outrage mob targets Jimmy John's sandwich shop with boycott after owner's old photos resurface

Sandwich chain Jimmy John's is the latest target of a boycott after old photos showing owner Jimmy John Liautaud posing with African animals that he legally hunted resurfaced.

The hashtag #boycottjimmyjohns trended on Twitter after "Star Wars" actor Mark Hamill brought attention to an old photo of Liautaud posing with an elephant that he hunted.

The photo that Hamill tweeted has since been deleted, but that didn't stop Hamill from sharing additional photos on Saturday.

Others, like Brother Nature, an account with more than 2 million followers, soon followed Hamill's lead.

However, despite the outrage and boycott, Liautaud no longer hunts large animals in Africa. In fact, he told the Chicago Tribune in 2015 that he stopped doing so more than a decade prior.

"I choose to hunt and I choose to fish," he told the newspaper. "Everything I've done has been totally legal. And the meat has been eaten, if not by me than by someone I'm with. I don't hunt big African game anymore."

This is not the first time Jimmy John's has faced a boycott over Liautaud's photos. The popular sandwich chain faced similar backlash in 2015 when the same photos surfaced. 
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