Hackers Change Electronic Road Sign in Seattle to Say ‘Impeach the Bastard’

An electronic road sign in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood was hacked on Wednesday and changed to say “impeach the bastard.”

The message was changed the day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the Democratic Party would be launching a formal impeachment inquiry over a phone call between President Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine. During the call, the leaders discussed former Vice President Joe Biden having a prosecutor in the nation fired. Conveniently, that prosecutor was investigating a gas company that Biden’s son Hunter works with.
The sign was rented to the contractor National Barricade by the Seattle Department of Transportation, according to a report from Q13.
The hack was lauded by a number of Democrat social media accounts, including the Democratic Coalition, a Super PAC that formed in 2016 to oppose President Donald Trump.
National Barricade said that someone had broke into the controls early Wednesday morning and changed the message from the normal traffic display. It was changed back to normal around 10 a.m. and additional locks were added to prevent it from happening again.

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