It Will Be Ugly… Rolling Thunder Chief Predicts if Democrats Impeach Trump Bikers Will Descend on DC

Democrats think they can impeach President Donald Trump for asking the Ukrainian President about The Biden Crime Family’s criminal activity in Ukraine.

They think Americans will let them get away with this.

 This will not end well for Democrats. A majority of Americans don’t appreciate Marxists and liars.
The head of Rolling Thunder says it Democrats impeach Trump bikers will descend on Washington DC.
Leaders of the veterans group Rolling Thunder are poised to roar back to Washington to defend President Trump if Democrats move to impeach him.
They say Trump hasn’t changed their mind about ending their annual massive Memorial Day biker gathering. But some bikers will be back to demand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., halt impeachment proceedings if she cranks them up.
“I think he’s doing a great job, and I wish Nancy Pelosi and her cronies would get off his back,” executive director Artie Muller said Thursday after returning to New Jersey from the group’s final planned national gathering in Washington.
Muller predicted a large convergence that would feature “not just bikers, but patriotic Americans.”
Muller, 74, a former Army sergeant who served in Vietnam, said he appreciates that Trump “speaks the truth” and said he considers Pelosi an “arrogant little bitch.”
That won’t be all.
There will be hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans on the streets of the Swamp if the crooks throw out President Trump.
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