Video Shows 'Racist' Trump Fans Embracing Black Liberal While Anti-Trumpers Yell in His Face

In the days after the El Paso, Texas, mass shooting in August, Democratic presidential candidate and professional Trump hand-wringer Beto O’Rourke was asked whether he felt the president’s supporters were prima facie bigots.
“You said to me last week that you thought President Trump was a white nationalist. I just wonder, sir, President Trump won your home state of Texas by nine points,” CNN’s Jake Tapper said during an interview. “Almost 63 million Americans voted for him. Do you think it is racist to vote for President Trump in 2020?”
“I think it’s really hard,” Beto said after a pause.
This was an unusually blunt and demagogic answer at the time, but you need have only waited a few weeks for the third Democrat debate. It seemed as if everyone on stage had the same idea: Donald Trump? Filthy racist, white supremacist, bigot, dog-whistler, divider and racial charlatan.
The real challenge wasn’t calling the president a racist. The issue was finding a permutation of the insult that hadn’t been squatted upon already.

So are Trump fans such racists? Are they profoundly uncivil? At a Cincinnati rally for the president in August, one internet personality found the opposite to be true. While the individual was harassed, sexually and otherwise, by the anti-Trump forces in the crowd, a black liberal was embraced by Trump supporters. When he went back to the other side, however, the situation was markedly different.
There is a bit of an asterisk to this, it must be noted. While the video was assembled by The Daily Caller (a fairly reputable conservative website), the internet celebrity in question is Millie Weaver, otherwise known as Millennial Millie. She’s a reporter for — sigh — InfoWars.
I know there are a lot of conflicting feelings about Uncle Alex’s Nutraceutical General Store and/or Conspiracy Theory Grab Bag, but I think we can all agree its reporting standards are often, um, not the most rigorous. Don’t take this as an endorsement of InfoWars’ reporting in general. It isn’t one.
This said, there’s no evidence that anything in the video has been faked. There’s no evidence that’s come up that anything here was staged for the camera or that important sections were omitted. Given that this is InfoWars and its videos do inspire scrutiny, I think that’s worth pointing out. All I’m saying here is, well, caveat lector.
The video begins with a particularly lovely anti-Trump protester telling Millennial Millie that “I can stand wherever the f— I want, you little f—ing Nazi b—-.”

“InfoWars b—-,” he calls her in the second shot. Later, he asks, “Do you mind, can I grab your p—-?” I’d probably say that I’d love it if his employer heard, that but I’m going to guess he’s probably not one of the people who’s made out like a bandit in the current job market.
The video finally got going when Millie found a black liberal protester named Marcus. She persuaded him to come over to the other side and see if there was any racism.
Asked if he would be safe if he went inside with the Trump supporters, one said, “Yeah! Hey, come on in, you come with us. Come on in with us, you can break in line.”
Millie then asked a group of what appeared to be college students. “Oh, for sure. For sure, yeah, he’ll be good,” one said.
She then found a black Trump supporter and asked him what “Make America Great Again” meant to him.
“It means we have opportunities,” the MAGA-hat wearing man said. “Donald Trump has done a lot specifically for me because of jobs and stuff like that.”
Back on the other side, meanwhile, Millie and Marcus were harassed by the anti-Trump crowd; one allegedly blew smoke in Millie’s face, and Marcus got a megaphone in his.
Again, could this be selective editing? Sure. I assume there were at least some anti-Trump protesters who weren’t vulgar borderline-ruffians — probably a great deal more than these individuals, if I were to speculate. There may have been a similar element among the Trump supporters, although I doubt this given the breathless media coverage they would have received.
Was it staged? Almost certainly not. Even if Marcus were a plant — and there’s no evidence he was — how he was treated certainly couldn’t be faked without a massive production.
That’s why it’s so telling.
Marcus was among the protesters and fit in just fine until he made a visit with the pro-Trump crowd. Once he was touched by them, he was like a baby bird who fell out of the nest and was cradled by human hands: At that point, he was basically dead to the flock. It was like watching the world’s quickest cancellation — and all to an African-American who dared to see what the grass was like on the other side.
In short: Et tu, Beto?
 Here’s the full video, which contains extremely vile language. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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