Watch College Students' Hilarious Claims About the World Ending in 12 Years

Do you think that we have 12 years left upon this earth? Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — who made that absurd claim earlier this year — would later say she was joking.
For some students at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, that claim is still very real — even if they didn’t believe that timeline specifically. And some of what have to say on the subject is equally ridiculous.
St. Olaf was one of a multitude of institutions of learning that took part in climate strikes on Sept. 20. Apparently, being older than Greta Thunberg doesn’t mean you’re possessed of more sense, as The College Fix found out when it dispatched a reporter to the protest.
WARNING: Some distasteful language in the video to follow. Also, some fairly insipid logic. Viewer discretion advised on both counts:

The march featured innovative chants like “hey hey/ho ho/climate change has got to go” (where do they come up with this stuff?) and “f— conservatives!”
Kyle Hooten of The College Fix asked students involved in the march about AOC’s 12-year prediction, even though she now says it was a joke. The students seemed to take those sorts of predictions with deadly seriousness, however.
“For [what] we know, it could be sooner than that,” one student holding a “There is no Planet B!” said. “We’re not entirely sure.”
Another student, holding a sign with a gun pointed at planet Earth, said he wasn’t sure: “You never know with science,” he said.

Wait, I thought science was unassailable. Is he a climate denier?
“I haven’t seen that figure, but I’m sure it’s believable,” another student said. “It’s concerning the lack of time we have left.”
He hasn’t seen it but he can vouch that it makes sense to him. Well, I’ll say this about him: He’ll make a good Democrat House speaker one day.
“I think it’s a super-serious statistic and that people should realize that can be truthful, that we need to enact change as soon as possible to prevent that from happening,” another added.
“Yeah,” her friend chimed in.
This wasn’t the only time mere affirmation was given as an answer. One student, asked whether he believed the Earth would be uninhabitable in 12 years, said, “Yes, of course. Yeah. And it’s very serious.”
When asked what he was going to do to fix it, however, he said he was going to be “coming to strikes like these and really fighting for it.”
All right, so even grading these students on a curve by assuming they’re not accustomed to being in front of a microphone, they still should have had better answers to that question. They also should have had better signs.
The video begins, for instance, with a protester wielding a placard saying, “C’mon, Bruh.” Yeah, c’mon. C’mon what? Don’t argue with him, because he has some serious stuff about “intersectionality” to prattle on about.
In short, these weren’t the kind of people who need to be skipping classes. However, I guess if this is what education has done for them thus far, I’m sure it’s not a great loss.
And the world’ll be over in 12 years anyway, which means those degrees aren’t going to be worth much.
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