What Happened to Matt Drudge? Even WaPo Notices Pro-Impeachment Slant at Revered Conservative Publisher

Dear Matt Drudge – Please come home.

We’ve all noticed this for months.
Today the Washington Post even reported on it.
According to the Washington Post Matt Drudge has a noticeable pro-impeachment slant this week:
There’s one conspicuous exception: The Drudge Report has for the last three days been spewing ALL CAPS, bolded, underlined, and sometimes bright-red headlines that sound terribly grim for the president.
These were presumably written by the elusive Matt Drudge, who has been courted by Republican presidents and would-be presidents since he helped bring about President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998 using exactly the same website and screaming all-capital type. In some ways Drudge’s fervent coverage of “IMPEACHMENT 2019” is a return to form. But it’s also an extraordinary break between the right-wing internet’s godfather and its favorite president.
Drudge, who could not be reached for comment, exploded out of obscurity during the Clinton era, when he turned his political gossip blog into a fount of juicy scoops about the president.

This is very sad news for American conservatives, populists and Trump supporters.
For over two decades Matt Drudge has been the most respected and consistent conservative voice online.
Losing Matt Drudge would be a huge blow to the White House and future of the West.
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