“Where’s the Senate?” – Rudy Giuliani Joins Chorus of GOP Voters Wondering Why Senate Has Turned Its Back on President Trump

In January 2019 the Republicans with 53 members kept control of the United States Senate. 
During the election Republicans promised to investigate the investigators.
Republicans were going to go after all of the corrupt Obama officials in the deep state who were spying on President Trump during his campaign, the transition period and his presidency.
This week we found out the Deep State is still spying on President Trump.  A CIA official filed a “whistleblower” report based on second-hand water cooler rumors about President Trump.  The partisan CIA operative then filed a complaint anonymously in the latest coup attempt on President Donald Trump.

After eight months Republican leaders in the US Senate have failed to call ONE WITNESS from the deep state to testify before their GOP led committees.
But they have called Donald Trump Jr. in to testify so they could harass and interrogate the president’s son some more.
So Where the Hell Are the Senate Republicans?

Why do they remain silent?  Where is the subpoena for Joe Biden or Hunter Biden to testify on their $1.5 BILLION pay-for-play scheme?  Where are the subpoenas for Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the latest CIA whistleblower?

The Senate Republicans are AWOL as Democrats continue their coup to remove President Trump.

On Saturday Rudy Giuliani asked the same question, “Where’s the Senate?”  

The silence of the Senate Republicans shows their support for the coup plotters.
Voters need to remember this moment.
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