CNN Mocks Republicans Storming Impeachment Hearing As 'Bunch of White Men'

Everything at CNN centers around identity politics, and even the storming of the private impeachment hearing was made into a race issue.
A panel on the CNN show “New Day” mocked the Republican Congress members who stormed the hearing because of the color of their skin and their gender.
The mockery mainly came from a white CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga who called them “a bunch of white men.,” as if it was an insult.
Rush Transcript:
ALISYN CAMEROTA: Joining us now CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin and CNN senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga.
Jeffrey, the hypocrisy is stunning. Because we remember the Benghazi hearings. It wasn’t that long ago. You know, for Watergate, we have to rely on —“
JOHN BERMAN: People as old as Jeffrey.
CAMEROTA: People as old as you, Jeffrey, to come out and tell us what happened, OK? But with this one, we remember Benghazi.
And they held the hearings in private. And they had their reasons. They stated them at the time. They thought it would be less of a spectacle.
And now three years later, they’re storming the SCIF, the secure room, with their cell phones, which is not allowed, to try to create a spectacle.”
JEFF TOOBIN: Last night on AC 360 there were several references to one of the congressional leaders of this ridiculous protest.
And he’s a congressman from Alabama named Mo Brooks. But I kept hearing Mel Brooks. Because it’s so much sound — I mean, this whole spectacle yesterday seemed like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.
You know, this protest to be allowed inside when many of the members of the protest were actually members of the committee.
They could have walked in at any point. You know, it’s a sign of desperation. You know, they captured a news cycle. But I don’t know what good that news cycle did them, because they looked like such jerks.”
GOLODRYGA: Yeah. You thought Mel Brooks, I thought an episode of ‘Veep.’ I mean, it really looked like a stunt. And you saw a handful of women.
Other than that you saw a bunch of white men. And I just thought to myself, this is not what America looks like right now. Right?
And so I don’t know what the point is they were trying to make by storming this hearing. Serious issues, serious ramifications are coming out of what we’re hearing from the people who are testifying, who are life-long diplomats that have served this country.
And this is what follows. And it comes as you said, two days after the president said that Republicans need to fight harder.
CAMEROTA: Right. [crosstalk]
GOLODRYGA: This is all they have? I’m sorry, you know, the facts speak louder than these public protests.”
TOOBIN: Although it may be enough. I mean — I mean, the Republican Party remains so united behind the president that the prospect for 67 votes in the Senate still seems pretty remote unless I’m missing something dramatic.
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