DRUDGE LOSES IT! Goes Full-on Never-Trump — Loses One-Fifth of Audience, 200,000,000 Page Views! (4 Pics)

What happened to Matt Drudge?
Top Conservative Publisher turns on Trump!

It’s no longer a secret. Trump lost Drudge.

Paul Sperry reported today:

For the past week The Drudge Report has posted screaming headlines pushing President Trump’s impeachment!

At the same time Drudge has ignored President Trump’s 50% Rasmussen approval rating — 5 points higher than Barack Obama at the same time in his presidency.
Drudge knows better.
He doesn’t care.
He wants President Trump gone.
This downward spiral has been happening since 2017.
In May 2017 at his peak, the Drudge Report had over one billion views!
In July the Drudge Report dropped below 800,000,000 views.
That’s a drop of 200,000,000 million monthly readers!

The Drudge Report traffic has been sinking for months now.
President Trump lost his top Facebook supporters since 2016. And now he’s lost The Drudge Report.
These are HUGE wins for the American left.
What a tragic development.
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