Family of Dead Robber Slams Clerk for Having Gun, CEO Steps in with Perfect Offer

A clerk who stopped an armed robber with a shot to the chest doesn’t need to worry about potentially losing his job, because the CEO of a pro-gun company offered him a chance for a major career change.
Roosevelt Rappley picked the wrong Dayton, Ohio, Dollar General to rob when he pointed a gun at a clerk last Wednesday. The clerk was carrying a concealed weapon and responded with fire and fury.
Instead of walking away with a few hundred dollars, Rappley was shot center mass. The armed robber stumbled outside, and died in the store’s parking lot, according to WHIO-TV.
His family was not happy that their relative was killed while committing a violent crime.
In an interview with a local Ohio news station, two of his siblings railed against the clerk.
“That was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest,” Rappley’s sister said. “Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands.”
Because Rappley was threatening employees with a gun, it’s unlikely he would have stopped to allow them to phone the police. Regardless, his family thinks that the clerk’s swift reaction was murder.
While it’s unclear what the armed worker’s fate will be at Dollar General, his actions did catch the eye of another company’s CEO.
Kyle Reyes, CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing and national spokesman for Law Enforcement Today, announced through the pro-cop news site that he is extending an amazing offer to the clerk.
“I believe the company will do the right thing, just as I believe this clerk did the right thing,” Reyes said. “If, for whatever reason, they don’t, we’d be honored to offer the clerk a position at our company.”
This clerk doesn’t need to worry about a strict firearm policy, either. Reyes’ gun-friendly company sounds like heaven on earth for Second Amendment enthusiasts.
The company not only offers to pay for employees’ concealed carry classes but also gives out a bonus to workers that secure the permit.
One day a month, the company also brings in a licensed instructor for training, with all ammo and firearms provided by the employer.
Employees are able to trade in sick days for time at the range. Reyes’ company pays for all training, firearms and ammo needed during the shooting day — even for spouses and children of employees.
Needless to say, nobody’s going to try robbing The Silent Partner Marketing anytime soon.
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