Outrageous! CNN Senior International Correspondent Compares Trump to ISIS Following President’s Statement on Baghdadi’s Death (VIDEO)

Nick Paton Walsh is the Senior International Correspondent for CNN.

Walsh won two Emmy’s for his coverage on ISIS so he is very familiar with the absolute barbarity of the murderous group.
On Sunday following President Trump’s statement on US forces killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Walsh compared US President Donald Trump to ISIS.
Nick Paton Walsh: There were lots of moments during Donald Trump’s speech which jarred to some degree. It is extraordinary how the communications were managed. It was a long trail ahead of him actually releasing details, explicit details, some of it which sort of echoed frankly the crudeness you would often expect to hear from ISIS about the whimpering, screaming Baghdadi penned down in a sealed tunnel killing himself and his three children. It was sort of disturbing to hear to some degree.
How outrageous.
This is CNN.

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