Pete Buttigieg ridicules Beto O'Rourke's gun confiscation plan at Democrat debate

Pete Buttigieg appeared to ridicule his fellow presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke over his plan to confiscate guns during the fourth Democratic debate on Tuesday.
O'Rourke gave a vague answer on exactly how he would confiscate guns from Americans under his plan, and the South Bend, Ind., mayor blindsided him over it.
"You just made it clear you are don't know how this is actually going to take weapons off the streets," asserted Buttigieg to O'Rourke.
"If you can develop the plan further, I think we can have a debate about it, but we can't wait!" he continued.
"People are dying in the streets right now! We can't' wait for universal background checks, that we finally have a shot to actually get through," he added.
"We can't wait to ban the sale of new weapons and high capacity magazines, so we don't wind up with millions more of these things on the street. We can't wait for red flag laws that are going to disarm domestic abusers and prevent suicides which are not being talked enough as a huge part of the gun violence epidemic in this country," Buttigieg said.
"We cannot wait for purity tests, we have to get something done!" he concluded.
O'Rourke responded by saying that his policy was not mutually exclusive with the policies Buttigieg was advocating in his platform. He implied that Buttigieg was limited by polls, consultants and focus groups.
"The problem isn't the polls, it's the policy!" Buttigieg fired back.
"I don't need lessons from you on courage," he added, "political, or personal."

Here's the video of their exchange: 

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