Rumblings: Mitt Romney Is Weighing a Primary Challenge to Donald Trump

Mitt Romney has become an expert at lobbing bombs at President Trump from the sidelines.
Now there is rumors that Mitt Romney may take on President Trump in the Republican primary.
According to HotAir:
Romney has re-emerged, as he does occasionally, to be the self-appointed voice of morality. He slammed President Trump’s behavior during the phone call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky as “wrong and appalling”. 
…While Romney is clutching his pearls over Trump’s phone call, I haven’t seen a tweet criticizing Rep. Adam Schiff for lying about contact with the whistleblower who filed the complaint that opened up the investigation into the phone call. Even the Washington Post gave that four Pinocchios. That’s the problem with Romney – he’s too busy criticizing a Republican president to criticize Democrats. He was the first one out of the gate to jab at Trump on Twitter. Romney knew it would get a response.
There was some chatter that Romney is quietly taking the pulse of GOP donors.    Looks like Anthony Scaramucci is a fan of a Romney candidacy:
This would be loads of fun.
At least he would have Jeff Flake in his corner.
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