Shocking moment a thug shoves a woman headfirst into a TRAIN: Horror footage from Brooklyn subway shows the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks on innocent people, including first responders, in New York

This is the shocking moment a man shoved a woman headfirst into an idle train at a New York subway station in what is the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks on innocent people in the city.   
The latest attack occurred on the platform at the Dekalb Avenue subway station in Brooklyn on Wednesday just before 7.30pm. 
Footage filmed by a witness showed the unidentified man jumping up and down on the platform and shouting 'what!' several times just moments before he lunged at the woman. 
He approached the woman from behind on the platform and shoved her in the back with both hands. 
She could be seen tumbling forward and falling face-first into the side of the awaiting train.

The NYPD were called to the scene but people had dispersed by the time they arrived, according to The New York Post
The man has not yet been identified and the extent of the woman's injuries are not known.  
It is believed the man had a previous dispute with a commuter just moments before the attack.
The Fire Department said they received a call for an 'EDP' last night, an emotionally disturbed person, but no one was found. 
It is the latest in a string of unprovoked attacks on innocent people, including some law enforcement, in the city. 

An NYPD officer was shot and wounded during violent struggle with an armed and naked suspect, Victor Hernandez, 29, in Harlem in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 
The 34-year-old officer from NYPD's 32nd Precinct was rushed to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital after he was struck by a bullet that hit his bullet-proof vest. 
Eight officers responded to the building in Harlem shortly before 2am after receiving a 911 call from a resident saying a man was harassing her, banging on doors and breaking glass.
The naked suspect, who was armed with a gun, was killed when police exchanged gunfire. 
The injured officer's bullet-proof vest stopped the bullet from penetrating his body. 
In a separate incident last Friday, a New York Fire Department emergency medical technician was hospitalized after a drunk man in handcuffs allegedly bit, beat and stomped on him as they made their way to hospital in the back of an ambulance. 
Thomas Wright, 32, was being treated by the medical technician as they traveled from his Bronx home - where authorities responded to a man acting disorderly - to Lincoln Medical Center at about 10.40pm on Friday. 
Authorities say Wright suddenly broke free from his seat belt on the gurney and clamped his teeth into the EMT's shoulder. 
The EMT, who had only just graduated, suffered nerve damage and a loss of sensation in one arm from the attack. 
Wright was arrested and charged over the attack.
He faces seven years in prison if convicted of the assault, attempted assault and harassment charges. 
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